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Propeller is based in Charleston, SC and Bar Harbor, ME. We specialize in drone photography for real estate, construction, and marine/yachts.

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This video is a mix of footage starting in 2017. It's sort of a stroll around some of our favorite places in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Here's a little rundown of what you're seeing.

From the beginning, we see Morris Island Lighthouse and the nearby area north of Folly Beach, SC. We accidentally captured video of a great blue heron flying on a cloudy day on the salt marsh behind Mount Pleasant. In the shot of the kayaker, you can see that even without moving the drone, the perspective is enough to create a powerful image. I love seeing the kayaker's shadow on the creek bottom.

We've mixed in a couple of DSLR slider shots from ground level to show how non-aerial shots can mix in for the right point-of-view. We do real estate shoots and roof inspections, which you can see next before another construction shot using a DSLR camera and slider.

Back outside, we approach the Don Holt Bridge in North Charleston near Park Circle before pulling back from Cooper River Marina with the Ravenel Bridge in the background at sunset. Next, you'll see us approaching Cockspur Island Lighthouse near Savannah, GA with a gull flying away probably wondering what strange bird is making all that noise.

Cut to Charleston Harbor, an MSC container ship enters by Sullivan's Island (and we give it a wide berth). The salt marsh around Charleston is incredibly photogenic. We took Sean's rowboat out one incredibly still day on the marsh from Garris Landing between Awendaw and Bulls Island. These are some of our favorite shots and from the same shoot where our website cover photo was taken.

Next, a beautiful gaff-rigged, cat-ketch sharpie catches the light near the mouth of Shem Creek. Then, we back away from the power station building on the old Navy Yard in North Charleston and finally cut the video from the boardwalk on Shem Creek at dusk.

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